Fat. Thin. It’s Relative.

Today two different people told me that I look thinner. This wouldn’t be strange except for the fact that I am having a fat day. I feel like I keep running and never losing any weight, so it was nice to hear that I at least look thinner. I am not trying to lose weight for the sake of losing weight, but I am trying to get rid of some of the fat that holds me back from running any faster.

If you weigh around a hundred and fifty pounds, imagine putting on a backpack that weighs anywhere between 50 and 70 pounds. Now run six miles. This is how I feel when I run. Lugging around extra weight holds me back and make me reconsider any type of fat advocacy that I may have previously endorsed. Oh, I still believe that fat people should be treated equally, but I am not sure that I can be fit at any size. I don’t feel healthy when I am fatter; in fact, I feel like I don’t want to do anything, sort of lethargic, like my body just wants to remain sedentary.

I feel much healthier than I did even six months ago. I am sure it is both my increased level of exercise and my new diet, but I can’t ignore the fact that I have also lost 40 pounds in that same time. Either way I feel better than I did in June, so I will keep running regardless of how I look in the mirror. Thanks, though, for the encouragement.


Exercise: walked the dogs about 3 miles, ran 2 miles, rode my bike to Burris and home

Food consumption: banana, juice, oatmeal, Clif bar, chocolate milk, apple, whole wheat pasta with spicy portabello-basil-pine nut sauce, salad, whole grain bread, pumpkin bread, three Twizzlers, a handful of M&Ms, a handful of almonds

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