Red Robin…Hmmm.

A couple of friends and I went to Red Robin last night. Never go out to dinner with two people who are better looking than you are. While one of my friends, who is sort of supermodel hot, was offered multiple refills of sweet tea, though she already had a full glass, I sat with a completely empty glass of water. Apparently, hot equals refills. We decided about half-way through the meal that we were on candid camera or something. It had to be true because our service sucked. The waiter—not the manager who slobbered all over Tara—brought our checks in the middle of our meal, threw the little folder containing said checks onto the end of our table in his rush to get to the door to greet some other customers, swapped out our sugar caddy while we were still eating, and only sparingly attended our table. At least the conversation was good. I love hanging out with people who are as crazy as I am. Possibly they are crazier.print_red_robin_01The night was made right when we walked across the street to the weird coffee shop, Cuppy’s Coffee, to have some after dinner coffee and gelato. I asked the strange little Radiohead shirt-wearing barista for a decaf Americano and some peanut butter cup gelato. At least she got half of it right. I haven’t been drinking caffeinated beverages for quite some time, so I double-checked to make sure my Americano was decaf. I used to be a barista, so I know how accustomed you get to pulling regular shots. “Yes,” she said, but she didn’t look me in the eye. When my heart rate sky rocketed,  I discovered that my Americano was not decaf. I had been duped and then lied to. The gelato, however, was amazing, and boosted me into ecstasy with the soft squish of whole miniature peanut butter cups. Yum.


Exercise: walked the dogs 1.4 miles, ran 2.5 miles

Food: banana, Clif bar, apple, Red Robin Burnin’ Love Burger and steak fries, 6 onion rings, gelato

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