It Surprises Me.

It surprises me that some things ignite great discussion, even when they seem trivial or mundane. Particularly, when posting a strange status on Facebook about vampires, homosexuals, and uber-conservative Christians, I had no idea the response I would get. The responses were a toss up among people making sure that I knew they weren’t “those” Christians, people who got the joke, and I am sure people who were deep down offended but didn’t want to admit it. I just think it is weird. Some of the same people who won’t read Harry Potter because it is about magic, who don’t believe in abortion because it is murder, who would shit if they knew the person sitting next to them was gay, are the people who purchase midnight tickets to see a movie about vampires and werewolves. That does not make sense. It confuses me, but I don’t want to dwell on it. The post was good fodder for comments, and I had fun reading them.

This week wrapped up nicely. I am pleased.


Exercise: rode bike to RB from home, walked to Burris and back to RB

Food: banana; milk; Clif bar; apple; hot chocolate; black bean burger with mushrooms, peanut butter, jalapenos, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes; waffle fries; a few dill chips, sprite, decaf coffee

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