Pit Bulls and Parolees

Tonight we watched Pit Bulls and Parolees, a show on Animal Planet. Do you suppose she would hire me to work at Villalobos Rescue, even though I am not a parolee? I think that would be the perfect job for me. I could be the chef for the pit bulls, making gourmet dog food and treats and doing nothing else but loving on dogs. I would love on mine 24/7 if I could. There is just something about a big, furry mess of a dog, particularly one with a huge mouth that peels into a smile when she looks at me. I would love to move out into the country somewhere and be a foster-family for a pit bull rescue. Maybe we can do that when we move to wherever we end up. I would love it.


I am thankful for people who make a difference in the world. People who love the unlovable and who give second chances.

Exercise: walked the dogs 1.5 miles, rode my bike to RB to Burris back to RB and home

Food: banana, waffle, tea with milk, juice, cheese sandwich, apple, pretzels, chocolate milk, two pieces of double-crust pizza, salad, mint M&Ms

3 responses to “Pit Bulls and Parolees

  1. I really don’t like it when you say things like “move to wherever we end up.”

  2. Well, I fully expect you guys to come along!

  3. We’ve decided to never move again–unless to Detroit or within Muncie limits. So…I guess you’re pretty damned limited with your moving options if you expect we’ll be joining ya.

    We thought you’d move when we left for Oregon. But you didn’t; didn’t even serioulsy consider it did you? So here’s your heads up.

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