Today is (not) the greatest day I’ve ever known.

Nor is it the worst. As days go, it was solely mediocre.  I got up and walked the dogs a fun route that they like. Then I ran over to Ed and Abbie’s and played with Iz for a bit, right before making her pout because I didn’t want to let her chase me through the house again. The good thing about the run is that I averaged 12:40 for six miles. I set out to run 5, but I didn’t realize that it was six miles from here to the 505 to RB and home. Sweet. It went well.

I installed a new little device on my blog that will measure how many miles I run. It is my goal to run at least 1000 miles by next December 5. That is roughly 2.75 miles each day, which is about 20 miles per week. Right now I run about 12-15 miles per week, so it is a bit of a jump, but I think I can do it. Anyway, the little ticker will let you see my progress. I started today with 6. 🙂

I spent the rest of the day reading, finishing up Mama Day, and wishing I had vision insurance so I could get a good eye exam. I have worn my glasses for the past two days and it has helped a lot. I think they might help even more if I had a proper prescription.

I realized today that I am ready for the semester to be over, which is pretty good, considering that it will be over in about two weeks. I am ready for a break and for some new challenges. New classes. New students. New schedule. I am ready. Bring it.


I am thankful for long, cold runs. More importantly I am thankful for the most amazing god-daughter ever!

Exercise: walked the dogs two miles, ran six miles, walked to church

Food: banana, juice, 16 oz. milk, grilled cheese on homemade wheat bread with sharp cheddar, salad with honey mustard and celery and sunflower seeds, too many Christmas nougat candies, almonds, popcorn, cheese, apple, clementines (2)

3 responses to “Today is (not) the greatest day I’ve ever known.

  1. unfinishedportraitofsam

    a couple of things:
    1) mama day blows my mind. i’m so excited to read that book again sometime in the very near future.

    2) SIX miles, and huzzah! for the exercise ticker. have i mentioned (today) how proud i am of you? you’re part of the motivation to keep jogging every day–you pushing yourself pushes me. and you beat today’s mileage by about two.

    3) at some point, i’ll have to ask you to make me some homemade wheat bread. i haven’t made yeast bread in so long, and i’m always hesitant to do it in the winter (what warm place do i put the bread to rise, apart from my heating closet?)…any suggestions?

    4) will you two be around over Christmas, or are you going away? if i can, i’d really like to come down for an overnight sometime between Christmas and New Years’, but i may not be able to. what are you up to?

  2. 1) Yes, I cry every time I read it. Out loud. Snotting and sniffling. Ridiculous.

    2) Thanks. I mostly keep running because one day I want to just go for an endless jog with you. I have this idyllic picture of it in my mind where we talk about all sorts of theological things and have an amazing discussion (all while running) and for some reason, in this vision, I never get tired and have to walk. Oh, wait. That and there is that marathon I want to run one day. Like two years from this past fall. So in two years. I will slowly move my body 26.2 miles.

    3) Bec says to get wheat bread (or any bread for that matter) to rise warm the oven on the lowest setting until it is a bit warm (not hot). Turn the oven off and put the bread in. Watch it so it doesn’t over proof. 🙂

    4) I will be around. All of break. Bec will be gone from the 22 through the 26.

  3. unfinishedportraitofsam

    1) you big sap. (i’m with you.)
    2) PERFECT. let’s do it. tomorrow, say? and if you run the marathon, i’m (hopefully) with you too. i’m still waiting to do that mini. i need to have goals, Corb…
    3) tell Bec THANKS for me, and hug her. that helps. i’ll make some bread when i get back. i’ve been craving homemade yeast bread since the artisan bread i bought in NZed.
    4) that works. if i can get down to you, it would likely be sometime between the 27 and the 29th. i’ll check in as time gets closer.

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