My Bald Head Scares Iz

I went to the 505 tonight to spend some time with Ed and Abs. They just got back from Frankenmouth and brought all sorts of amazing gifts back with them. Iz picked out some sweet breast cancer socks and a rubber ducky Christmas ornament for me. They also brought back bread and fudge. I am so spoiled.

I learned tonight that my bald head scares my god daughter. I took off my Oscar the Grouch hat because my head was getting hot, and she ran over to her dad and gave me a strange look. I put my hat back on. When her mom came back into the room, I tried to get Iz to make the same funny face so I took off my hat. Iz started crying and ran to her dad again. We were completely stumped by her reaction, though, because she has seen my head bald countless times. However, this time she freaked out.


Today I was able to purchase all the supplies to make my Christmas presents. All in all it is considerably less expensive to make gifts for people than to buy gifts. I would love to explain what I am making, but I will have to wait until after Christmas to explain because some people who will receive these gifts read this blog and I don’t want to ruin what little is left as a surprise. I hope it all works out okay.

I think I can experiment tomorrow after working some more on my dissertation proposal. Tomorrow will be a long day. Getting up at 3AM to take Elizabeth to Indianapolis will be a good way to start the day. My plan is to take her down there,  to come home and walk the dogs, then to go back to bed for a bit before getting up and reading and writing for the day. I will also be cat patrolling tomorrow, cleaning litter boxes and feeding felines. Sweet.


I am thankful for time spent with family, even when it is stressful.

Exercise: walked the dogs, ran 2 miles

Food: banana, juice, chocolate milk, tea, decaf Americano, Indian buffet (too much food), chocolate mousse cake

3 responses to “My Bald Head Scares Iz

  1. …just stumbled across your blog. Sorry that Iz freaked out. Kids will be kids! Good luck with everything. 🙂

  2. unfinishedportraitofsam

    huzzah for handmade gifts. i’m almost finished with the major ones i’m doing. you should see mr. iden’s quilt. i crocheted all the squares, then stitched them together. it’s in yellow, orange, deep orange, red, multicolored, and purple. it’s pretty fabulous : ) i’ll have to send you a picture. it’s about three years late coming, so i’m exited to see his face.

  3. I love that! The quilt sounds beautiful!

    Yeah, not so hot on the homemade chai. It tastes good, but NEVER let someone tell you it is cheaper to make your own. By the time you buy the tea, the spices, the bags, and take the time to measure out everything and bag it all, you end up with gold-plated chai. On the plus side, you can pretty much add whatever spices you want instead of having to deal with those icky ones you could do without.

    The other plus is that I made homemade shortbread. Yummy!

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