Am I a Winner?

As it turns out, I received a check for four thousand odd dollars in the mail yesterday. It came with a letter in a regular envelope that says I won $118,000 in a drawing from a major super-store. I enter those things all the time, so it would be sweet if I really won. I am going to check it out, but I am pretty sure it is a scam, though it has been kind of nice to dream about what I would do with that much money. I could be debt free and pay a substantial chunk down on our house. That could be nice. I keep wavering between thinking those thoughts and thinking thoughts that say, “You know it is a scam, and you know they will just clean out your savings account.” Funny thing: I have nothing to lose. Literally nothing.

On a more real note, I just received enough money to buy new running shoes, which is a major surprise and blessing. I swear, sometimes grace just smacks you between the eyes. I need a new pair to begin training for the Indy Mini. Between now and May 8, I have to train my body to run 13.1 miles. Can I do it? I hope so, and then I hope I can keep on running, so that I can do a fall marathon in 2011, right after completing my dissertation. I am pretty excited about the whole prospect. Finishing my dissertation, running a marathon, getting a job: all three sound pretty sweet to me.

I gave my shitty first draft of my dissertation proposal to my dissertation director today. I fear meeting with her on Monday, because my writing seems to get worse the more intensely I try to revise or edit. The proposal, as it stands, seems to ramble, repeat, and ramble some more. I hope I can get it spruced up enough to send it out to the whole committee, so I can get it approved by the graduate school and move on to the actual drafting of the dissertation. I am much more excited to write the actual chapters than I was to write the proposal, although I am having a difficult time trying to wrap my mind around the immensity of the project. It seems huge and insurmountable to me right now. Maybe once I get going, I will be able to see the individual aspects of it more easily. That way I can tackle one at a time and make baby-steps.


I am thankful for gift certificates, unexpected checks, and dreams (attainable or imaginary).

Food: decaf Americano, pear, orange juice, banana, milk, pumpkin cookies

Exercise: RB to Burris and back, walking the dogs

2 responses to “Am I a Winner?

  1. good luck with that money. seems like an odd amount unless you’re playing the lottery, but it would be totally sweet if it’s legit.

    are pumpkin cookies good for a runner? and is that all you’re eating? hope not.

    karma and the universe have a way of always evening things out and making things the way they are supposed to be. good deal on the show money. but you should get yourself some one stars. 🙂

  2. unfinishedportraitofsam

    good on ya, Corby–shitty or not, it’s an enormous thing just to turn it in. you can always revise and revise later. leave your editor at the door for a second and realize the accomplishment of just turning in a first draft : )

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