Another Collection of Found Objects.

Since I left Facebook, I suppose my blog has become the place for me to collect those things which I normally would have shared on my profile. I think this new-found freedom from complete voyeurism has forced me to only post those things that I care enough to open a new post and actually type something in. I know that some things can be shared onto WordPress via the share function on some media and website interfaces. This video was not one of them, but it is definitely worth the opening and typing.

The Lost Tribes of New York City from Carolyn London on Vimeo.

Obviously, there are several problems with the video, not the least of which is the title. “The Lost Tribes” delineates groups of people into their most primitive categories, but since the groups interviewed are typically groups who are already disenfranchised, the title becomes even more of a problem. Of course, one could argue that Carolyn London is simply giving voice to those who are normally voiceless, and she is allowing a broad spectrum of people to speak on their own behalf. Although, I wonder if London wasn’t giving them the opportunity to speak to people with some privilege through our computers, would most of us even want to listen at all. I mean, if the person who is the voice of the suitcase came up to one of us and started talking to us on the street, would we give her the five minutes of listening time we give to her because her voice is coming out of a visually altered, animated, talking suitcase?I am not sure most of us would, but because it is kitschy and cute and it comes from our cyber-screens, we listen. And, then, there is the fact that people, the always already marginalized, are rendered as inanimate objects like telephones and suitcases, but that is a whole different problem.

Well, the video, however problematic, is still worth a watch. If for no other reason than for to agree or disagree with me about its worth.

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