Going Away. New Focus. And Changes.

I am going on a week-long road trip to Nebraska and Minnesota, with a little swing through South Dakota to liven things up. I am not taking my computer, and I plan to only sporadically use my cell phone. This means two things: no blog entry this week and hopefully a lot to write about next week.I am actually looking forward to being detached for a bit, or as Bec’s sister Susan says, “It is ok to be inaccessible.” In my heart, I know it is okay, but in my head I keep thinking I will miss something important. I know this isn’t true. And, if I do miss something, will it be the end of the world? No.

When I return from my trip, there will be approximately three weeks until school starts. Hopefully what you will begin to read here will be a more academic look at things related to teaching, theology, social justice, etc. I started this blog to discuss ideas, and it has morphed into a weird combination of journal and goal setting, which I will still do as well. However, I want a better portion of it to be more focused, direct readings of current events, books I am reading, and life circumstances that will cause us all to think more critically, myself foremost.

Finally, I also wanted to thank everyone for making a relatively rough birthday better. Your kind words and happy thoughts were just what I needed. I am working on becoming the person you think I am! 🙂 I am starting to do that by changing the focus of my running form pure pleasure to raising money for a cause that is important to me. You can support my efforts in fundraising for Riley Hospital for children by going to this website to donate money. I want to raise $1000.00 for them, and right now I have $25.00 raised, which I donated myself. 😦 Pitch in.

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