Krispy Kreme. Nanowrimo. Marathon.

I am sure the fruit pie I ate this morning is not congruent with my desire to eat “healthy” whole foods. But it was so delicious.

Nanowrimo was a complete failure.

I think I am going to wait until next fall to marathon. I was hoping for a spring one, but training for the Indy Mini is about all I can handle while teaching. I have decided to wait until fall and I think I am going to shoot for one near Akron, OH. It’s called the Tow-Path Marathon, and it’s run on a tightly packed limestone gravel trail. Flat. “Fast.” And beautiful. Maybe Grandma’s is in my future the next spring. After this injury, I just need more base-training in place before I go 26.2 miles. And, maybe this will give me a chance to lose some weight.

One response to “Krispy Kreme. Nanowrimo. Marathon.

  1. unfinishedportraitofsam

    some of us check every other day to see if you’ve written. : ) THAT said, you’re not writing for that some of us; you’re writing for yourself.

    some of us do love you and appreciate having this as one way to keep up with you.

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