Barefoot Running

One thing about barefoot running that I will never understand is the way people act like it’s a new concept. I left school the other day to go on my standard 3-mile run. Typically, I wear running shoes, but since I’ve been running barefoot (and loving it) I left the shoes up in my classroom. It was raining just a bit—probably why I got blisters, but if felt so right—and I swear you wouldn’t believe the looks I got! One woman even stopped her car, got out, and started talking to me about it. Thankfully she was positive, but some others weren’t. I have gone barefoot most of my life, including a good chunk of college where I didn’t wear shoes unless there was snow or it was below freezing. I guess I just don’t think of going barefoot as being so revolutionary, but I always have loved Zola Budd. Even when she and Mary Decker had their little tiff, I always loved Zola. Her bare feet were scandalous. 🙂 I love the feeling being barefoot gives me. And I love the low-cost footwear!

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