Dear General Public

When someone holds a door open for you, you should thank her.

When a someone who serves you holds out her hand to receive the money you are about to use to pay your bill, you should place the bills in her hand, not on the counter.

When you blow your nose, you should not do it at the dinner table. When you cough or sneeze, you should cover your mouth.

When you step up to the counter to order and the person taking your order asks how you are, don’t look at him and say, “I need a large campfire mocha.” Answer the question you are asked with an appropriate and cordial response, then order your beverage.

When you talk badly about someone, you never know who might be there hearing what you’re saying. At least have the decency to not use names, if you can’t muster up the decency to not talk about people.

When the highway is coated with ice and snow, slow down for the love of all that’s holy. Getting somewhere late is better than not getting there.

Adults, the way you act sets an example for your children, though usually we should take our cue from them.

Sometimes it’s okay to give a bigger tip than you think the waiter deserves.

You aren’t the only person in the universe. Sometimes the sandwich, drink, milkshake, or whatever is being made isn’t yours. Sometimes it belongs to someone else who is also waiting in line.

Speak to everyone like you’d speak to your grandma, but only if you treat your grandma with dignity and respect.

Be kind to animals and children. They, for the most part, can’t defend themselves.

In short, give grace, shun shame, and don’t be an asshole.



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