Writing My Paper

Have you ever noticed that once you get going on a paper, it seems like it gets easier as you go. This one isn’t too bad. I just want to get it done.

I think today is good. Last night not so good. You know how it is when you are just looking for a fight or an argument. Well, apparently that was me last night. It’s over now, and I think I am over it, too. Nothing a long car ride with the poochies and a couple of slushies couldn’t handle.

We are supposed to close on our houes next Thursday at 3PM, so think happy thoughts for me then. I wish I knew whether or not I’d be in the Ph.D. program, it would make life lots easier. I am thinking about what I read on Sarah’s blog the other day. I need to scale down. Funny that we were struggling with the same thing at the same time. I think if I get into the Ph.D. program, I am going to scale way back: maybe sell the car, the computer, a television, a few other things. It is my goal to help out a few people with some mission trips they are going on, maybe donate the rest to Compassion or Heifer, or put it in the bank for a future mission trip of my own. Who knows. It is up in the air! I just know I have too much crap!

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