A New Paper

Okay, so I figured out why the old paper was taking so long to write, aside from the fact that I can’t type—it was the wrong paper! I found this great book about women at the turn of the 19th century and I thought it would make a great framework for my paper, so I started re-writing it last night at 9PM. I can tell you that in an hour and a half I wrote as much as it took me a whole day to write on the other paper. The essay is still the same general content, I just have a theoretical frame for it now. The frame is a bit problematic because it is older (1979), and the writers don’t mention race or sexuality or class, which is not current scholarship because everyone talks about race, sexuality, gender, and class! BUT the two women about whom I am writing were upper-class, mostly heterosexual, white women, so I think the theoretical portion will still stand. Besides, I have other essays to use to support my points that are more modern and do explore the avenues of sexuality, race, and class. Augh!

I also am doing better as far as Pippin is concerned. Lily is doing a great job of letting me hug her and cry on her fur. You have to understand, Lily is a lot like I am and she doesn’t really like to be touched, so her letting me lean over her and snuggle her like I used to Pippin is a big stretch. I am still warming up to the little Monster, Sydney. He is cute, but he is definitely Bec’s dog. He just looks at me like I am pathetic and then pees on Lily’s head. Slightly disgusting, but he is pretty cute. I also saw an add for Chow-Golden mix puppies. I thought about saving the number and calling to see if they have any left after we move.

Today is my mom’s 60th birthday! I nearly forgot that she was turning 60, and I was just going to take her to a fundraiser dinner at church, but I suppose I should take her somewhere a bit nicer, like the BSU library to pick up the book I need. Just kidding, I suppose that a nice restaurant is in order, maybe one of her favorites. I hate it when I forget things. So far this month, I forgot Merideth’s birthday, Ed’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, and Father’s day. How? You tell me!

I sort of feel like Stewie in the Family Guy movie in the scene where he is driving the semi and he is cranked up on caffeine pills and is driving through the desert: “West Coast Turn Arounds!” His eyes are all blood-shot and he is sort of twitching nervously. Family Guy is VERY CRASS, but I think it is funny nonetheless.

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