New House

Well, everything is in the new house. We worked from about 1PM yesterday until 12AM today moving furniture and my books. If I ever move again, I think we will just use them as kindling. They were worse to move than the furniture. I am pretty sure I have enough to fill two rooms! What I know for sure is that I worked at 4:30AM and I am going back to bed.

The cats are currently having a blast in the empty house playing in the curtains and generally being cat-like. Spaz and Pudge are fighting now in the middle of the room and Pudge’s hair is coming out in chunks. Mimi is just sitting calmly in the window watching the birds. I can hardly wait to add Kermit and Mr. Mojo Risin to the mix.

I am going to move my motocycle to our new house today. I am sure the neighbors will love it when they see a bike parked behind the house. You know everyone loves motorcyclists. I am going to put it in the garage, though, so that no one steals it.

Finally, I hope to have a second draft of my paper finished by Friday and some research for Kecia done by Wednesday so Jamie can do with it what she needs to. I am pretty excited about this VBC seminar that Kecia is doing. I just wish I could be involved in some aspect once school starts, but I am sure I will be covered up with classes.

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