Becs Doesn’t Know It Yet

The realtor, Tina Morris, who is amazing if you are ever looking for a house in Muncie, called me today and David and I went and got the keys to our house. BUT BECKY DOESN’T KNOW WE HAVE THEM!!! Tomorrow afternoon we, Becs and I, are taking the Jeep in for a tire rotation, oil change, and headlight and windshield wiper replacement, and the Jeep dealership is like half a mile from our house. We are going to take a picnic lunch, or pick up carry out from somewhere, and “eat on the porch” while we wait for the Jeep to get finished. Little does she know that David and I got flowers and they are already on the counter inside the house, so we are going to eat inside our new house, and I will give her the keys then so we can move this weekend. I’m so excited!

Hopefully, now that the paper is at least in written form, I can start actually posting some meaningful reflections about life instead fo the angst ridden bullshit that I have been writing about. There is so much to life. Sometimes I look so inwardly that I miss much of what is going on around me.

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