My New Wheels

I’m pretty sure that when we move, and I quit at the BUX, or at least cut down to one or two days a week, I am selling the Jeep. I have chosen my new ride. Yes, she is pink, and I love the whitewall tires and fenders! Check out the fat-girl seat, too.

I am also looking forward to feeling at home in my home. We visited the flowers today, and I just feel like we belong there. The big wrap around porch, the pine tree, the flower bed, and of course the river across the street all embrace us, and make us feel welcome.

We adopted the cats yesterday and decided to name them Kermit (the one with more white, Becky’s) and Mr. Mojo Risin (the one with less white, mine). Truth be told, we are crazy.

I met with Kecia and the paper needs lots of work, as I assumed it would, but I have to be finished by July 27th, and I am going to try to be finished by the 16th.

Finally, I am so looking forward to MOVING!

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