On the Fritz

I say I am on the fritz with Jesus. As most people in relationships that are rocky say, “It isn’t Jesus, it’s me.” I am just so tired of the status quo and so tired of being angry because I miss church on Sundays. I know it isn’t about church, but so much of it IS. It is about going every Sunday and filling a pew or a chair or a mat as the case may be, but so little of it is about doing the other days of the week. Sunday should be the fuel. Not the fire. The fire should be the other days, the days we are with people. Maybe I just need to take some time off of life. Maybe I just need to take some time off. School starts next Monday and I am not really even excited. I look forward to it, but I am not excited. I just get so tired of being the person who sacrifices. I suppose Jesus was tired of it too though.

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