Jimmy Buffett

Well, I am pretty sure that we got a contact buzz at Jimmy Buffett this year. On the way home Adam almost rear-ended the Volvo in front of us. He was “looking at the pretty lights coming toward him across the fence.” Then he just giggled. Oh, but it gets better! We were driving down this narrow country road with a big lip on my side of the car, also known as the edge of the road, and he was watching a person walking down the road and drove off the side of the road. Again apparently the light was pretty. This elicited from me a frantic: “Are you sure you don’t want me to drive? Pull over. I’m driving.” And he: “giggle giggle.” Not funny so much. At any rate the concert was a blast as always. I am pretty sure that this bitch that stood in line with us is going to burn in hell. We were talking about being excited about this concert and she turned around and said, “I can’t wait until they close venue. It sucks.” I wanted to say, “Well, crazy bitch, where, then, do you think Buffett will play? In Conseco? I doubt it.” So next year we will drive to Chicago or Cincinnati to see him. Adam and I thought that might be a good family vacation: to go to Chicago to Buffett and stay in a hotel for a few days. I still am voting for DC sans the marathon sprint through Arlington, though, Chicago is my kind of town. I think going to a Buffett concert with the parental units would be great and whether they would admit it or not, they’d have a blast: mom because she could be as goofy as she wanted and no one would look at her weird (they’d all be too busy staring at my mohawk); and dad because he could watch all the crazies and philosophise about their craziness.

I am waiting to hear back from Kecia, my advisor, about my paper. I have some final revisions to do and then I will turn it in by Friday. I hope I haven’t totally disappointed her, because I am pretty sure that she is the reason I got into the PhD program.

Today I am working at McGalliard SBUX with Dez, Hailey, Kellen, and a couple of other people. It will be weird working in my old store, but even weirder to have all those people there at once.

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