I had to add this and didn’t want to reopen the last post. As frustrating as it is for both of us for Bec to not have a job, it has proven to be a blessing in disguise. One morning she came home and told me that she was going back to feed Jesus. I knew immediately that she was taking food to a homeless person. His name was Joe. Since then she has collected Sam, as well. Every morning when she walks the dogs, she looks to see if Joe and Sam are out and about. If they are she finds out if they need food, and then takes it to them. Sam prefers black coffee, delivered in one of my travel mugs, which he returns to Bec on her way back to the house so she can refill it, and Joe prefers whatever he can get along with the Ricker’s slushies that other people bring to him. There is another guy who lives down by the graffiti wall whose name she doesn’t know. He seems to be mentally ill as he talks to himself and to others who no one else can see. What interests me is the fact that by accident she is doing what my friend Molly and I set out to do. We ended up cleaning the offices at the Mission, which while okay and necessary, is not very fulfilling. I think the next time I see Molly, I am going to tell her about Becky’s adventures, and see if we can’t work out someway to have a weekly pizza night at McCullough park or the little sitting area on Madison, or the depot, or something. I am pretty sure that it will work well.

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