Yesterday’s Post Was Fun and Games

You never know what you may encounter in life, especially when you deal with homeless people. You never know the tales they spin, and you never know what they tell other people about you. I am simply amazed by it all.

Today my friend Molly and I went to take some food to Sam and Joe, and spent some time talking to Sam, who told us one story after another. Molly asked if he was always like that and I said that sometimes he talks a lot and sometimes not much at all. It was really cold last night, however, and Sam doesn’t have a sleeping. Even though he weaves a strange tale, he still deserves to have a sleeping bag. I am going to go to GoodWill tonight and grab a sweatshirt for him. If they have a sleeping bag, I will pick up one of those as well. Interestingly, Joe, who doesn’t spin a tale, who simply exists to live has warm sleeping bag and was still asleep when we got there this morning. Our goal is to try to find a night when we can feed a nice dinner to whoever wants to come. I would love to do it in the depot parking lot, so that anyone could come who wanted to come, but I am trouble finding a vision for it. I am stopped every time by my lack of money, my lack of time, and my lack of courage to go to the depot to find out if we can use their parking lot.

These issues are the ones that I hope to sort out over the summer—that I hope to put away with my materialism. How do I become the vessel that I feel I am called to be? How do we embody the love of Jesus that we are called to share with others? I am slowly learning how to do this. An amazing thing to do, one that I didn’t realize was amazing until now, when I am almost finished with it, is to read the Bible all the way through. I find myself wanting to be one of those people that I have read about who goes to a hotel and reads through the Bible without being able to put it down. I want to be that ravenous.

Finally, I was talking yesterday with a friend’s mom. She and her husband are moving to Michigan because he is going to be pasturing a church there. We started talking about it, and she mentioned that the church is on Lake Huron. I said oh, wow, how beautiful. The Huron National Forest is right behind their parsonage, etc. So, we kept talking and she said that their church sits right on a river, which just happens to be the Ausable River. My brother and I canoe down that river. I think I want to see if he wants to go all the way from Greyling to Lake Huron this summer. It should be a good inexpensive trip because we already have all of the supplies. Dudie’s mom even said we could stay at their house once we got to the Lake. I think it would be nice to land there on Saturday and go to church on Sunday then get picked up. That way we could have a shower, too! One last thing about that, I told her mom that Dudie just has a presence about her that is amazing and makes me happy. I thought later, Duh, that’s Jesus you dork!

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