I really don’t have much to say except that I went to the art museum with my family today, and it was really fun. We looked at some Roman art from the Louvre, and I never imagined from all the slides that Dr. Vader showed us in art history class that the sculptures would be so massive. They were literally colossal. It was unreal. The stuff was so heavy that it took three airplanes to get it to Chicago and then four semis to get it to Indy. I can’t imagine working with marble, although what I did learn, that Dr. Vader never taught us, is that the heads of almost all of them were at one point removed, broken, lost, or switched, which leads to quite a few oddly shaped sculptures. Little tiny heads on big bodies. Odd. Tiny penises on many of the men, too. I sort of felt sorry for them in a way. Minuscule really. No wonder they all looked angry.

By the way, my art history professors name wasn’t really Vader, but she did have this black mask with a breathing apparatus…kidding.

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