I Think I Finally Did It

I think I finally scared myself out of procrastinating. I started a presentation that was due today last night at 9PM. I got finished ten minutes before it was due and slept for three and a half hours. Whew. The shocking thing about it is that I was really nervous about it because it is for the professor I think hates me, but it went really well, and she was really pleased. She only added to my presentation instead of clarifying it, which is always complimentary. Now on to making a lesson plan for the class for tomorrow morning. Whoohoo!

I had my plan of study meeting for the PhD program and I only have one literature class I have to take, the rest I get to choose. I have to take French, well I don’t really have to, but I think I should given what I am going to pursue. It would be beneficial to say the least. It seems like everyone from 1850ish to 1920ish thought they needed to use French in ther writing. And the theorists that I will most likely use all write in French. So on to gay Paris! I am also hoping to take soem religious studies adn philosophy classes. Should be good stuff.

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