I Thought Last Week Was Bad!!!

I thought last week was bad, and this week may be worse! I literally have a project due every day again this week. My huge papers are due in three weeks as well. Tonight, I am sitting here at Bracken, and I will probably be here until 3AM when it closes trying to figure out what I am going to teach next semester. I have to turn in a syllabus tomorrow, but they still aren’t sure what classes we’ll be teaching. Augh! With my luck I will work out a syllabus for 103 and then end up teaching 104. Wouldn’t that be special.

Becky and started running again tonight, and it went really well. We ran more tonight than we have previously, and it seemed like the part we walked was faster, too, because the weather is so much nicer for running. I am glad that I finally over whatever it was that I had for the past two weeks, because I didn’t want to do anything except lay around on the couch and put on a few pounds in the mean time. Bec is right, though, running at night works better for us because one of us isn’t really a morning person. I bet you can’t guess who!

Today was a good day. Class went well, and our meeting with Jackie about our faculty presentation went well. She really helped us pare down our ideas and find two or three main points we’d like for the faculty to leave the workshop with. Jim and I have busted our butts on this presentation and it seems like there is always more to do. We have a good start, but we just have to make it more professional. As Jackie said, there will be seasoned teachers in this workshop not just beginning teachers/graduate students. It is good, though, because several of our other professors have offered stories/help for us. They are really great about helping us out, and they are really excited to come to our presentation as well!

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