Sillybus Finished; Going to Go Sleep

I finished my syllabus (Silly-Bus) at about noon today. I was at the library until 3AM and then returned at 8AM to finish it. I think it turned out okay, but for twelve hours of work, there isn’t much there. I am going to use a blogging component instead of paper journaling, and I am hoping to be able to work in enough assigments that the students can choose which ones actually get graded in their final portfolios. I hope it passes muster and I actually hope I get to teach 103 now that I spent so damned long making the syllabus. I am requiring that my students complete six projects: a photo essay about themselves; an “I Believe” essay; a social action letter/pamphlet/brochure/webpage; a magazine add/artistic critique/analysis; an argument inquiry/research paper; and, a reflection paper. Of those six assignments they can choose four to put in their portfolios for their final grade. All six will be completed in some capacity, but only four will be part of their selective portfolio. I think it works, but who knows.

Today, I am thinking about technology, and while I love it, I hate it as well. I love the convenience that it provides, but I hate the dependence it causes. My computer crashed again, and my calendar was in it. I was able to save all of my stuff before it died, though, so this time I didn’t lose all of my classwork. Plus , I am trying to put as much of my class stuff on my blog as I can so that I can avoid the problem of losing everything every time the Mac takes a shit on me.

All of this to say that tonight I am going to Indy to get the damned thing fixed, and I will actually get to spend some time with Rebecca for a change, since I haven’t seen her for almost two weeks. She has to buy running shoes, too. I think we may just an evening of it and actually go out for dinner as well. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed every vegetarian soup she has made for me for the past two weeks while I was sick, but I would like to eat some real food. You know some nice restaurnat food. Maybe Rock Bottom or somewhere exciting: mmmm…beer.

The personal highlights that are coming my way: I get to go to an art show thingy with my mom, and the next weekend Jane will be here. Bec and I are looking forward to Greek food and letting Lily run around like a crazy dog. Sydney, poor guy will have to stay in the garage because he can’t behave. I hope it’s okay to bring them with us, but Lily NEEDS to run, and she’ll just mope around without Sydney. They’re wack jobs. Oh, well. Sleep calls, before we dash off to Indy.

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