Thanks Giving: or Giving Thanks

I am definitely giving thanks today. I am mostly over the bauble with the friends. Fuck ’em! I do have to say that I don’t deal well with petty B.S. and I think that is part of my problem. I need to learn the skills of small, meaningless talk, subtle manipulation, and evasive responsibility strategies. Then, and only, then, will I make it as a graduate student. I need to brush up on my middle school skills.

With all that said, I had wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I will spare you tirade I have in my back pocket about Thanks giving and let it suffice to say that I gave thanks not once but twice. Bec and I were able to spend last weekend with my family having Greek food and fellowship, but we were also able to spend all of yesterday in Dayton with most of her family, sans Ann and Jack, sadly. I suppose you could say we had a Scottish-ish day as the majority of the good conversation came after a few beers were had by all. Once again someone spilled beer/wine while reaching for the gravy, and the giblets were left in the turkey, but the day was a major success completed as always by a short jaunt about the neighborhood on foot. It has taken five years, but I finally remembered to wear my tennis shoes for the occasion. It has been a beautiful two weeks.

The beauty of the two weeks has only been slightly dulled by the wonderfully thin layer of white on the ground this morning, so I am trying to convince Bec that we should move to say Arizona or maybe even Georgia or Tennessee? I loathe snow. I despise it so much that I called Merideth on the way home last night to tell her that she sucked, and that there will be no snow for Christmas! She loves the stuff, but living in Florida I don’t suppose she sees much of it. I would gladly box some up and ship it to her if it meant I no longer had to deal with it. I figure at least I love three out of the four seasons, and I would love winter if cold didn’t equal snow or ice. Since Merideth does get to come home for Christmas, though, I suppose I can soften my heart a bit and hope for snow for her. She gets one week of snow while she is here and then NO MORE of it. Last night she said that there would be snow for Christmas because God loves her more. I suppose it is possible.

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