Two Things and I Think I’ve Seen Everything

I think I have seen it all now. I was just waiting at the printer in Bracken behind a guy who was sporting a Louis Vuitton Murse. you know a man purse made by Louis Vuitton. I never thought I would see the day when one, Louis Vuitton made a Murse, or to that I would see someone at BSU carrying one!

The other thing that I am thinking about right now is that I am way too trusting. I trust people more than I should and I give my emotions to people who can’t or don’t hold them tenderly enough. My friends mostly suck. Have you ever wondered why you invest so much in people only to have them let you down when the going gets tough? Have you ever held all of your friends’ needs out and above your own, simply to have your needs remain at the bottom of their lists. I would say that I am through with this whole kit and kaboodle, but there is this concept called grace. And it fucks me up every time!

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