669: Notes from Lauren

How do I look at To Sir With Love and Lonely Londoners as I try to sort out race issues?

construction of self between texts
1) assert a place for themselves
2) class background
3) education, Braithwaite; lack of education in Selvon (Moses)

strategies to negotiate London:
1) down the line rejection
2) new world verses previous experiences
a) being there
b) shock colonialism, race/class

identity as race two different approaches
1) Black folks are staying, what does that mean
2) what strategies are they using to survive/fit in (jazz, music, cultural misreading?)
3) patchwork v. misreadings ( do we patch it all together and how do we read it all together? (Transatlantic)

1) 1900’s Black culture
2) what is just being created
3) what is emerging in U.S. New York, Chicago, Memphis, etc.
a) developed Af.Am. culture
b) colonial subjects?

“Dwelling Places” on housing
“Black British Writing: An Anthology” Proctor
“Black British Culture and Society” Owusu
“Pleasures of Exile” Lamming
Paul Gilroy, Stuart Hall
“Black British” articles
“Braithwaite” Bruce King
CLR James, Trinidad, cricket, Black Jacobians, moves back and forth from colonial to US

One response to “669: Notes from Lauren

  1. Look for patterns. When are they happy? Where do they live? Who do they date? What does it mean to be Black? What does it mean to be white? What types of music?

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