Semester Nearing the End

I am so glad that this semester is almost over. I think I could almost pee my pants. I have two twenty-page papers to write and then I will be finished until January 9th, when I take Renaissance, African American, and Modernism. I will also be teaching two classes of ENG 104, which should be good. I am trying to get my website all setup and ready to go, and to finalize my syllabus before then, so I can have smooth sailing. I think I can do it, but I may be sorry for taking too many classes. I am going to try to read some of the stuff over the break so that I can be a bit ahead, and so that I can focus more on teaching. I have three things I want to accomplish over break: fat studies paper, PCM paper, book review for Bob’s class. I also want to read at least one if not two books for each class. I think I can do it! I just want to get finished so I can teach literature. Really I want to finish because I am getting too old to do this staying up all night writing thing. I hope that when I am working, I will budget my time a little better. We’ll see. I really have no point for writing this except procrastinating, so I should go read. I am hoping to Lauren’s paper done tomorrow, and Huff’s paper done Sunday. Then I will actually have time to proofread both of them- Lauren’s Monday, Huff’s Tuesday. I also have to narrow down to conference papers for both of them as well. I may explode before Tuesday.

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