Too Much To Do, Not Enough Time To Do It In

I have so much to do this weekend, I assume that I will not see the outdoors until Monday on my way to class. I still need to get my shit together to get my PCM paper written, and I need to get it done by Monday because I need some space from it in order to really edit it well. I think I am going to do a combination of my Victorian literature class, the theory of the the grotesque/carnivalesque and the body, and how my grandma was in the hospital this time. I am not sure how it will turn out, but I want to say something about people in hospital beds are on display, etc. This may turn into a freak show, I don’t know.
I also have to grade my students first assignment. I am a bit nervous about this whole process. I want my students to feel comfortable with me for the rest of the semester, and grades are really subjective, but I also want them to know this class is for real. For the most part, though, their essays were really good, and I can only think of two of them that were even B- quality. The rest were above that.
Today seems like one of those days when I can’t quite focus on anything, so I think I will read my Renaissance stuff this afternoon because I am guessing I won’t get it no matter what. I am looking forward to going out tonight and relaxing. It’s my friend Sarah’s birthday and we are going to dinner before we go to her party. I think I’ll have a nice glass of wine with dinner.

I neglected to outline my amazing experience from my trip to school this morning. I decided that since it wasn’t really cold outside, I would walk downtown to get a cup of coffee then catch the bus and come to school. I went to the Blue Bottle. I waited in line behind a woman who complained the whole time about the Muncie Mardi Gras. She said, “Why can’t we park down here today if the stupid thing isn’t until tomorrow?” I wanted to say, “Do you think they might need to set-up for it?” I mean just a thought. The girls at the coffee shop were so into talking with her, that I knew my drink wouldn’t be right. I ordered the same thing I always order: a double-short-no-foam-soy-latte. What I got was double, incredibly short, and covered in about an inch of soy-foam. For those of you who are soy latte drinkers, you know that soy foam is really gross. It makes your mouth feel funny, and tastes a bit like plastic. So, I just poured it into another cup (my own cup, which I forgot to give to them) and tried to keep the foam in the paper cup. I ended up with about 8 ounces of latte. Then, oh it gets better, I was walking to the bus station and a car turned into the parking lot in front of me a splashed brown, icy, slush onto me. I didn’t have time to go home to change, I had a shitte instead of a latte, and my sock was wet. Basically, the beginning of the day really sucked. However, class went well and the final photo essays were great, so it got better. And I am not bitter that some people can’t make good lattes, and I am not bitter that some people never have to walk anywhere so they don’t understand the concept of splashing pedestrians. Bastards.

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