Lent Online

I can’t believe that Jesus would have imagined the celebration of his passion for us (Lent Online) being wrestled over, talked about, and contemplated in Cyberland. Although there is that whole freaky collapse of time thing where God can see everything from beginning to end like I can see the images brought up in an image search using my new fun tool, PicLens. So maybe the all-God Jesus knew about Cyber-Lent, but maybe the all human Jesus had no clue. Does it work like that? I also can’t imagine that Jesus wouldn’t be ecstatic that we are using technology to open the discussion of his life, word, and love. I mean the disciples used all the latest technology to explain their views on Jesus’ life and work. Who doesn’t love a little Cyber-Lent? You can click on Lent Online above to get to our church’s daily devotional, or you can go to the left of this page where it says Lent Online and click where is says Click here. This seems a bit like those cheesy “Click here and the Tabernacle of the Holy Saints of Pittsburgh will donate $4 for every click to a charity of their choice, namely their own pockets,” BUT this is simply a place to “Read, Reflect, and Respond.” So try it. And remember Jesus is watching you.

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