Two Days Pre-VD

In two days will be the holiday that I love to despise. I am not sure why we need this holiday other than it is a boon for the greeting card industry, the chocolate industry, and the flower industry. Incidentally there are a variety of places that you can go to get environment friendly cards, organic fair-trade chocolate, and organic sustainable flowers. Please do that if you think you must participate in this the most capitalistically contrived holiday next to Christmas. So there, Happy Valentine’s Day two days early, with no card, no candy, no flowers. I am trying to soften my ecological and ethical footprint.

It is hard for me to forget that at this time last year, my family had just gone through my dad’s heart surgery. Here is what I posted then:

I saw my dad yesterday and he looked good. He was extremely proud of his scar?! And he has already, true to form, read the entire booklet that came with his pacemaker. He thought parts of it were pretty funny: who would sit six inches from a Wi-Fi enabled computer?! Why would you stand six inches from a microwave oven?! and why would your cell-phone ever be six inches from your heart?! He seems to be mostly back to normal and could have come home yesterday were it not for the emergency level staffing of the hospital. I think he will come home tomorrow.

He has been home for a year, he is still proud of his scar, and his bill of health is somewhat clean. He had a yearly check up last week and the doctor said his heart function is up to 20% from 10%. Apparently, teh doctor was pleased with his process, although he has been tired again lately. There hasn’t been any swelling in in his legs or anything, so I think we are good to go, and it looks like we get to keep the Mad Scientist, Computer Doctor for another a year or so! Maybe to tell him how much I love him, I could buy him a card, some chocolate, or some flowers!

My parents are getting a new puppy this weekend. She will be there second Bernie, and their second contributor to the amazing dust elephants that hide under their couches. She is so cute that she almost makes me want one. If I didn’t already have two dogs, five cats, and an assortment of fish, I would consider it. But we need NO MORE pets. I am putting my foot down! All this to say that mom is taking off school next week to train the puppy, and to introduce her to Frank. Poor Franklie, he won’t know what hit him, the big Galoof!

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