Six Days Later

Here I am. I am starting to get some of my spring restlessness that usually comes on about this time every year. I am hoping that some of my need to move around will be assuaged by my trip to San Francisco. I leave on March 19. Have I written the paper yet? No, but I have two presentations coming up in the next two weeks, so it will give me two weeks to write about Fat people before I go. I need to find some clips to show, and I need to get Joyce to help me find some theoretical text to base my paper in. It only has to be 8 typed pages, so I should be fine.

I have yet another paper on Malcolm X and the nation of Islam to write. I wish I still had the one from seminary, because it had an excellent bibliography. I also wish I could write better. I would love to get higher than a B+ on a paper again this semester.

I am having a hard time getting everything done with teaching and taking classes, but I think I am doing better than I thought I would. I am sure that their research papers will be quite time consuming to grade, but I think that this project they are working on now will be fairly easy. With fifty papers, the grading takes about hours or more if I do it thoroughly, so I am sure that is what I will be doing with my Sunday.

I somehow got conned into talking to someone from CRU about sexuality issues, which I think is important, but I am sure it will rapidly digress into a debate instead of “the friendly chat” that was proposed to me. I am happy to do it, but I am not sure that my blood pressure will love me afterwards!

I really have nothing to write about so I am just sort of babbling.

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