San Francisco: Writing My Paper

Yesterday, I met my friend Myra and her son, Phil, for dinner and a poetry reading at City Lights Books. We had Italian food and some nice sorbetto for dessert. I had Lychee fruit, and Phil had this huge chocolate hazelnut crepe with whipped creme. The pasta was homemade, and mine had a nice vegetable and white wine sauce. When Jim got here, we checked into the hotel and then went around the corner to a sports bar for some beers. We shared a pitcher of a San Francisco IPA, which was pretty tasty, nice and hoppy.
Today we went to Fisherman’s Wharf and went on a “duck tour.” The captain was part of the Swedish military that invaded Normandy, so it was especially interesting to hear him compare the bay to the beach at Normandy. Our amphibious boat thing was actually one that was used in WWII, so that made if even more interesting. We spent the day walking around and riding the old cable-cars that you see in movies.
Since Internet access is $2.95 for fifteen minutes, I’d better go.

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