I’m Back: I Think I Just Left Home to Come Back Here

As I suspected, I could easily live in San Francisco. The beauty of the city is its small area, because it literally takes twenty minutes to half an hour to get out of the city to Golden Gate Park where the world is absolutely beautiful. My cousin, Jane, said that San Francisco is more like Greece than anywhere else she has been, and I can say that I must be more Greek than I usually admit. I loved it. What I loved about it was that I could breathe in the sea air and look any direction and see nothing but beauty. The weather was perfect, slow soft sunshine, a nice light breeze off the bay, and the sounds: city mixed with nature. I felt at home and comfortable in a way that I usually don’t. Have you ever been embraced by a city? I have and I miss it. Perhaps the only part that I don’t like at all is that I have such horrible respiratory problems here. Not one day in SF did I wake up congested. Not one day did I sneeze and cough and wheeze until noon. I think it was the level of humidity. So, although I loved San Francisco, and I really could see myself living there, I love it here too.

Beauty is what you make it. Muncie has some beautiful areas and Becky and I are fortunate enough to live in one. By walking from our house across the street, I can see the river. By walking a block down the river, I can cross one of the dams and the water spills over it making one of my favorite sounds. You know that gurgling, rushing, water splashing on rocks sound? If I walk a couple of miles around the river trail and past the sweet smells of QL’s, I turn on Bunch Street and eventually end up by a wetland preserve. I look forward to this summer, when the dogs and I will walk that way every morning before my class. Hopefully, the conservation is far enough along to have blooming flowers and wetland specific animals. Already, by looking carefully at the birds on the river, I have seen a pair of mergansers. However, this morning the female was missing. I hope she is merely nesting and not gone. The male looked so sad floating in the middle of the pond by himself. I have also seen some wood ducks, and this morning I saw a little muskrat swimming out into his house. I couldn’t help but smile.

We went to San Francisco to present at a conference, as I am sure I have written here before, but the amazing thing about our participation is that it didn’t just go well, we ROCKED it! When we started to present, we looked out and noticed that many of the biggest (no pun intended) names in fat studies were in the audience. I must confess that I was a bit nervous, but I didn’t need to be. Apparently, the matriarch of fat studies, Marilyn Wan (Fat?So!)
was so impressed with us that she told out professor that she felt like she could retire! They were also surprised that there is such a strong group of scholars and activists at BSU. I could go on, but I just wanted to say that we were stunned with our reception. Amazing.

My favorite parts of the trip were going to Alcatraz, visiting City Lights Books and hearing the SF poet laureate read, trekking all over SF with Jane, especially visiting Grace Cathedral, and riding the streetcar to Castro with Jim. Thus ends Corby’s Web Tour of San Francisco.

Now that I am home, I enter crunch time for school as I have three major papers to write, adn several small assignments still to do.

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