It’s Official: Milton is a Progressive Misogynist

“Thus Eve with count’nance blithe her story told;
But in her cheeks distemper flushing glowed.
On th’ other side, Adam, soon as he heard
The fatal trespass done by Eve, amazed,
Astonied stood and blank, while horror chill
Ran through his veins, and all his joints relaxed;
From his slack hand the garland wreathed for Eve
Down dropped, and all the faded roses shed:
Speechless he stood and pale, till thus at length
First himself he inward silence broke.” —Paradise Lost, Book 9 lines 886-895

The thing I hate about Milton is that he sort of grows on you. Like mold. How can you not love that Adam spent his time in the garden weaving flower garlands for Eve’s hair. So I will give Will that Milton may be progressive, but I’m holding onto the misogynist part.

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