From Now Until Next Friday at 5PM

You don’t know me. You can’t see me. I can’t have coffee with you, unless you are Sarah Marty. I will be the incognito English graduate student who blows you off. I am starting my first paper today, writing my second one on Thursday, and writing my third one on Saturday. Once I finish those papers, I will be grading like a fiend so I can turn back their research projects to my students during their finals slots, and get a whole new batch to read by Friday! I am overjoyed.

I think for the most part this semester went really well. I am not incredibly overwhelmed, and my projects seem manageable enough, so I think I can finish without a crisis. My students filled out their evaluations yesterday, which makes me a little ticky, but I think I will survive. I learned a lot this semester about what I want my composition classes to look like form here on out, so what could be better than that. As always, I thanked my students for being my guinea pigs and doing it with a smile.

But for now, you don’t know me. I am invisible woman. You can’t even hear me roar.

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