A Rainy Day in Sunnyville

Certainly the rain can stop now. For the second time this week the White River is up. Earlier in the week it crested at 11’3″ above its normal depth, and there is debris all over the roads, in the grass on the banks, and in people’s yards along the river. In several places there are logs that are bigger around than I am just sitting along the shoreline, looking like they were set down there like lumber intended for construction. We even saw the frame of what looked like someone’s barn, shed, or house right next to the dam. Maybe it was the frame for a piece of wooden artwork, because it looked, as Bec put it, “a little cobbled together” to be part of someone’s house. When the water runs up over the banks so forcefully, it tears up the roads and in general makes everything look a little less put together with big chunks of asphalt misplaced and large piles of rocks eroded into newly ordered river beds. The rain fell for two days the first time with heavy winds and lightening and thunder, then we had two days of unbearable, muggy heat. Now, the rain has lasted for two more days, a tree down the road was struck by lightening and fell across the Greenway, but the sun is peeking through the clouds and promising a dry evening with another potentially glorious sunset.

Last night’s sunset was an amazing mix of orange and purple. I mean, it was really orange and purple, not the usual pale sherbet of Indiana, but it was deep and robust and filled my eyes like the lentils and rice I had eaten earlier filled my belly. I was satiated. My friend, Sarah, who I rarely get to spend any long amount of time with, pointed out to me the beauty of sky, and reminded me that the sunsets here are usually so much more muted than this one was. She was here for the evening, and we were walking the dogs in the cool of the evening, between two downpours. Sometimes nothing is better than food, a good friend, a couple of beers, and a nice quiet walk with beasties. Strange that Sarah and I can be fine with not seeing each other or talking, but I love that we can be relaxed and peaceful when we do see each other. Few people effect me the way she does. I can be quiet in her presence, or I can be silly and loud. I can be serious and contemplative, or I can be out right ludicrous. I can be smart, but I don’t feel bad being dumb. I can just be. I hope that I have friends that feel that way with me. I am working at being that friend.

Stuff from my other, old, defunct blog. I finally got my bicycle back from the shop and they did a fantastic job on her. Poor Wrex is almost 15 years old, but now she looks like a spring chicken. I got everything on her fixed up, tuned up, and ready to go for the summer. After Bec and I walked the dogs this morning, we went for a ride. The three of us, Sarah, Bec, and I rode 11 miles, which isn’t too far, but since it was my first ride of the season, it was enough. She rides like a new bike, and her new shifter works well. I don’t remember when she was well tuned!

Last night Bec made lentils and rice. After drinking a few beers. They were the most spectacular batch she has ever made, with tons of cumin and curry, but a little too much salt. I don’t mind salt, but I almost never eat it, so I can taste even the smallest amounts in things. The rest of the taste was magnificent: spicy, layered, and a building heat. I felt so healthy yesterday because I had fruit for breakfast, Pad Thai for lunch, and lentils and rice for dinner. But, I undid all that today. Sarah, Elizabeth, and I had the Fat Cats Writing Group and we ate lots of stuff. Beginning with the Guinness at 11:30 and ending with coffee and cookies at 2:30, we ate chips and salsa, more cookies, carrots and tomatoes, feta cheese, and olives in between. Of course, I didn’t eat all of the stuff offered, but I ate more than my fair share. Then, when I got home, I ate more! Banana bread with raisins, a Hobgoblin Dark English Ale, and broccoli slaw with blueberries and balsamic vinaigrette. I am sure that I have had my share of sodium and calories for the day. I justify it by the exercise I did, which is really no justification.

My friend Daniel passed his comprehensive and oral exams, so I made him a cake. Abbie would be proud because I made a vegan cake and vegan icing, and it didn’t taste like crap. It also didn’t look too bad! Apparently, he liked it so well after dinner last night that he ate half of what was left for breakfast this morning! Good to know. The Debbie Mix World War II vegan cake is a hit!

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