Ah! Two Months

I have two months to do whatever I want to do. I am not sure I will be able to pay the bills, but I have two whole months with no work, no school, no responsibility! I haven’t had two whole months of irresponsibility since the summer before my junior year, when I started working at Hartford City Public Library! I am not sure what to do with myself. That could be why I am sitting here, writing this blog entry instead of being out doing something! I plan to start a running program during this eight weeks, and hopefully it will continue through next school year. I really want to be able to jog the Indy-Mini next May. I figure if I jog, and Bec walks, we will still finish together!

In other news, my little puppy is not so little anymore. Her next vet appointment is later today. She finishes her puppy shots. I am sure they will shocked, cause I think she weighs over 30 pounds now. She’s quite the cute little heifer. The other two dogs are more tolerant of her now. Although they aren’t really fond of her favorite game: jump up, grab on, and go for a ride! Especially Sydney will just knock her off. She is learning the submissive position quite rapidly!

My summer class is over. I learned some valuable things, but the last week of class was pure hell. It quickly digressed from a constructive workshop into “Let’s see how smart I am compared to you” or as I prefer to call it: “Here’s why you’re a dumb-ass!” Some people in the class didn’t really understand that the prime objective for workshopping is to encourage each other and help each other get better. You can just as easily answer the question, “Is this writer making the gesture?” by saying, “I think the writer could make a better gesture by doing X,” than by saying, “I just don’t think this writer is making any gesture” or “I can’t tell what this writer was trying to say.” By making shitty workshop comments, some of the people in the class just shut others down. Maybe one of the Friday (or whatever the fuck-day) Forums should address how to workshop professionally. How to frame comments to encourage each other, while also addressing shortcomings in a kind, constructive, grown-up way. I am so thankful for the Fat Cats Writing Group workshops. I always leave feeling better about myself, and like I know at least two or three things to improve on.

I guess I should get started on my stuff for Saturday.

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