Summer Fun

As we were walking the dogs tonight, it struck me that I totally forgot to take Celie to her vet appointment this evening, so I rescheduled it for 9 o’clock tomorrow morning. She needs her last puppy shot! I’m sure she will love me for taking her first thing in the morning. Right now she is a little destruction machine; she’s at that phase in a puppy’s life when God keeps reminding us how cute she is so we won’t kill her. She tore some of the insulation out of one of the walls of the garage, so we had to put a board up in order to keep her from chewing more of it. It sounds worse than it is, because our walls aren’t finished in the garage, so it’s not like she chewed through drywall or anything, she just pulled the insulation off from the wall. And then ate some. And then pooped some.

This morning when I got ready to go out for my morning jog, I went to the kitchen to get my watch and my iPod, but my watch was no where to be found. I assumed that one of the cats had just knocked it onto the floor or something, so I looked around for it a bit. I then thought that maybe Bec had moved it or something, so I called her to see if she had seen it. She HAD seen it, but the now missing watch was in the same place it had been the night before when I had seen it. I could only come to one conclusion: the cats hid it from me. After looking high and low, on top of book shelves, under the couches, between their cushions, and everywhere else imaginable, I had to admit that the cats are better at hide-and-seek than I am!

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