They’re Ba-a-a-a-ack

But it seems like they were never gone. Weird isn’t it how even though people you love leave, when they come back, it seems like they were never gone. We spent both Friday and Saturday night with Ed and Abbie, and I swear it was as if we had just spent the weekend before with them, too. Izzy is absolutely precious, and I think I may frequently borrow her when she is older. It’ll be sort of like having a child without having to have one, which is a plus. We played Apples to Apples, which always reminds me of New Year’s Eve, but we had a great time, and of course, Becky “I don’t like to play games” Kaehr won by a landslide. Sometimes that woman!

Celie, the puppy, is getting big. Since everyone keeps asking me about her, I will fill you in. She weighs about 35 pounds and is in that puppy-rambunctious phase, the one tests your love as a puppy parent. She chews. She poops. She chews. She eats. She chews. She sleeps. She chews. She rocket launches herself across the room. She chews. Did I mention that she chews? She does: on us, on her toys, on things we didn’t even know we owned, and on her siblings. The vet said she is getting her big girl teeth, so she will be especially chewy for the next couple of months. My hands are proof.

I leave next week for Florida. I am riding the motorcycle down to Atlanta on Tuesday then staying in a hotel just north of the city, so I can get up at the crack of dawn to beat the rush hour traffic around the city. I plan to make it to Merideth’s early on Wednesday, so I can be there when she gets home from work. I need to make sure I have directions to her new house, though, so I don’t show up at Leah’s. On the way home the next weekend, I am going to ride to the south side of Chattanooga, so that my last day riding is only about a six hour trip. I have to get home to rest up to go to Jimmy Buffett on the 29th with Adam.

In other good news, we are going to the Delaware Country Fair with Ed, Abs, and Izard on Friday. I hope to eat some good corn-on-the-cob, since apparently it is my favorite food group, and to watch Iz having fun looking at all the diddles. Oh, yeah, and hanging out with Ed and Abbie will be great, too! 🙂

This weekend is my cousin’s wedding. So Saturday will be spent with family—extended family. Ever seen my big, fat, Greek wedding? It’s like that only not humorous. I will get to see my grandma, though, and I almost never see her because she lives in Huntington now, and I don’t get up there much. I am going to go before the summer is over and classes start back up, though. Sunday will be fun because we are going to go out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. I will be 34. I had such great plans for 24. I pushed them back to 34. Now, I guess I will have to push them back again to 44. Hopefully, by then I can run that marathon, have a real job, and have my house remodeled and looking somewhat decent.


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