MLK Day. Toni Morrison. Jog-tastic.

Today is a day that is set aside for education, service, and remembrance. Every year I look forward to attending the Martin Luther King, Jr. service at one of our local churches. This year, though, I am spending the day running and studying. I think I am going to skip the church service.

Today I am reading Playing in the Dark: Whiteness in the Literary Imagination by Toni Morrison and Running a Thousand Miles to Freedom: The Escape of William and Mary Craft from Slavery by William and Ellen Craft. I am, as always, amazed by the literary prowess of Morrison. I find myself underlining, nodding my head, and, at times, verbally agreeing with her writing.

I also plan to run today. According to the plan, I am still jogging for three minutes and walking for two. Today I repeat it seven times. Wednesday I repeat it seven times. Friday I repeat it until I complete four miles. I like this plan. It seems to be working better than the couch potato to 5K plan I tried before.

I refuse to run inside. Unless the temperature is below zero, my happy ass is running outside. I read a blog by a woman in Green Bay who runs outside in twenty below zero weather. Her eyelashes were frozen together at the end of the run. That is too much. I am not that extreme. I hope I am never that extreme.

One response to “MLK Day. Toni Morrison. Jog-tastic.

  1. I read this today and thought you might find it interesting. It’s advice from Alice Walker to Obama.

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