Menstruation. Syllabi. New Leaves.

Dear Eve:

Why did you do it? Why did you eat the fruit? I could understand if it would have been a watermelon, a banana, or even some strawberries.  Weren’t there pineapples and mangoes growing in the garden? Couldn’t you have just been happy with a coconut now and then?

Apples are just not that good. They are pretty, usually red, and possibly shiny, but you are not a raccoon or a crow. I hope, at least, that it wasn’t a Granny Smith, unless you had some caramel sauce.

Did you have cramps, a headache, a backache, or constipation? How did you stop the flow? Was there at least a hot spring you could relax in?

We got a raw deal,

Every Woman After You


After getting them back with “this syllabus is incomplete, please resubmit” written on both of them, I turned my syllabi in again. I changed very little, yet I got a decent grade. Weird. I suppose I changed the right few things.

New leaves are slowly uncurling from their tightly packed buds on the trees along the river. They’ve been a long time coming, poking out during the early warmth and then changing their minds during a long cruel stint of winter, returning to retard their progress.

In many ways I feel like those leaves, and I think we all should. I think we are designed to ebb and flow with the seasons, but we can’t do that much anymore because we are too technologically advanced (heat, indoor plumbing, electric lights, etc.) and so wrapped up in monetary productivity. We get up when it’s dark; we come home after it’s dark, all because of work.

How can we expect to feel natural when everything is so unnatural? I am always concerned about how people can get back to nature. Can we remember what it feels like to put our hands in cool, moist dirt? Can we revel in the stars and our place among them? Is there a way, even living in the city, to remain in tune with our natural surroundings? Read this. Or check this out for free. What about this? Or my favorite: Mother Earth News. Beware, though, that if you visit Mother Earth News, your name may or may not go on a government watch list as an environmental terrorist. I just think we should all dig our hands in the dirt every once in a while.

While I was inspecting the newly emerging leaves, I decided to turn over a new leaf, too. I am trying a new wave of positive thinking. So far, it’s working. As I walked this morning, I realized  that my favorite time of day, beside spending time with Bec in the evenings, is walking the dogs in the morning. I realized that how I frame my day with that hour determines much of how my day ends up going. I realized that I spend a good portion of everyday harboring ill-feelings or negativity.

I decided to change. I am going to try very hard to transform my thinking and speaking habits into positive ones. I have been told I should read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, which has to this point seemed like a lot of psychological mumbo-jumbo. I think I will try reading it, though; why not? It seems to roll everything together into one big positive blob. You can hear him talk about it on Speaking of Faith.

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