Healing. Grading. Too Many Sweets, Not Enough Exercise.

I am enjoying Gayl Jones’ The Healing and looking forward to meeting with Debbie to talk about my dissertation. I think I like and dislike The Healing for the same reason: the stream of consciousness is both beautiful and unnerving. I am tired of the repetition, but I am drawn in by it. Of course, I am only on page 16, so I will let you know tomorrow night how the book plays out. I can already tell, though, that it will fit well, at least for background or supplementary material, for my dissertation. There is a whirlwind of religion, spirituality, healing, redemption, slavery, and sexuality all swirling around together. I am excited to see how it plays out.


I still have a few papers to grade, ones that were turned in late. For the most part, I am pleased with their argument papers, and I look forward to seeing their multimodal presentations. Some papers need a bit of work, but that is what revision is for. In fact, that is why I switched to using portfolios. I wanted my students to recognize that their “final” draft isn’t really final, that writing can always be revised, improved upon, moved closer to perfection.


I feel like a slug. I have eaten too many sweets in the past couple of days and not done any substantial exercise. I was supposed to run five miles on Saturday, but I graded papers instead. I was supposed to run the same five miles on Sunday, but I graded instead. And, I have been grading both mornings this week instead of running. Basically, I feel horrible because I have eaten way too much crap and not done one little bit of exercise to offset it. Tomorrow morning I will walk the dogs with Bec and I will run.

I had coffee last night with my friend, Lyn, and I worked yesterday morning with my friend, Molly. If I could be around the two of them everyday, I would never have a bad day. What magical women!


The making of a slug. Or, I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

Exercise: walked to Burris from RB, rode bike back to RB

Food: banana, apple, swiss cheese sandwich, orange/tangerine juice, too many M&Ms, one piece of pizza, three breadsticks, PBJ Uncrustable, Jones Cream Soda

One response to “Healing. Grading. Too Many Sweets, Not Enough Exercise.

  1. unfinishedportraitofsam

    was feeling this same dumb thing yesterday, which i often felt as a lit student. too much time sitting/thinking/writing/reading, too little movement. that’s why i used to take my books to irving, to sit on a bike or an arctrainer and read at the same time…but that’s a bit trickier here! doesn’t help that we’re zooming into the holiday season, and ben likes to make chocolate chip cookies! : )

    you look great, corb, but i love how much you’re focusing on whether or not you FEEL great. your head’s in the right place.

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