Too Much To Do. Not Enough Time To Do It.

I swear I am always finding myself with too much to do and not enough time to do it in. If I ever catch up during the school year, it will be a mighty miracle. I get behind shortly after the school year starts, spend Winter Break catching up with stuff I should already have finished, and then careen toward summer, hoping to find some time for rest during those couple of months. Rest, of course, equals mental rest, because summer is time for physical labor. It feels good to work in the hot sun. Right now it would feel good to run, even one mile! Once I get this little bit of work I am working on finished for tomorrow and Friday, I get a bit of reprieve over Thanksgiving Break. Then I only have to work on my school stuff, and I don’t have to work on grading anything! Wait, I will Burris reflections to grade. Damn. I always get prematurely excited.


Exercise: walked the dogs 3 miles, rode my bike to Burris from RB then home

Food: banana, juice, small hot chocolate, Clif bar, apple, bun, tea, pizza, a few chocolates

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