Traveling to Dayton, Eating Taco Bell

Tonight we drove to Dayton to celebrate Thanksgiving with Susan. I really don’t like to eat fast food, but when you are trying to get somewhere and you are really hungry, fast food is the obvious choice. I especially do not like to eat in the car. Tonight I ate Taco Bell while driving. If I believed in saying FML, I would say it about that fiasco. How can you enjoy food (even if it is Taco Bell) while sucking it out of the wrapper and careening down the road at 60 miles an hour. I like to savor my food.

When I asked the girl who waited on me what is in the Fresco Bean Burrito, she said, pointing to the sign that I could plainly see before I asked her, it has tomatoes, onions, and these little green specks. I deduced that the little green specks were cilantro and it, combined with tomatoes and onions, could only be Taco Bell’s attempt at Pico de Gallo. Awesome. I couldn’t have determined from the picture that it has onions, tomatoes, and little green specks. I asked her, kindly, if it had meat in it: No, I don’t think so. I decided to chance it. Definitely not worth the 99 cents. Try the seven-layer burrito instead. It’s my favorite Taco Bell menu item. I could do with about a third of the sour cream, though.

Today was not the best food day. I ate LOTS of sugar and fat. The sugar cream pie, which I made from scratch, was awesome, and I certainly don’t regret eating it!


I am thankful for the ability to run, walk the dogs, and ride my bike. It makes me feel like a new woman every time, even when I get frustrated with my lack of improvement.

Exercise: walked the dogs two miles

Food: banana, juice, milk, sugar cream pie, left over pizza and pasta, seven-layer burrito, fresco bean burrito, nachos, mango fruitista, skittles

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