Homemade Cheese Pizza

Nothing says Thanksgiving Break like a homemade cheese pizza for dinner, and two good books left to re-read for the holiday. I have been pretty productive so far, and I need to have some writing to show Debbie on Monday, so productivity is good. In fact, you might even say I am thankful for my ability to read, write, and dream.

But, I will save my pontifications about being thankful for a more apt day. I will do what everyone else will do, be thankful on Thanksgiving. I think I am going to start a new challenge for myself on Thursday, which will be to at the very least list what I eat, what exercise I do, and one thing I am thankful for everyday on this blog. It seems to have been working well for me so far; why not keep it up?


Exercise: walked the dogs two miles, ran two miles, biked to RB to Burris back to RB back home

Breakfast: banana, juice, oatmeal, milk
Lunch: Clif Bar, apple, orange
Snack: Spinach with poppyseed dressing and sunflower seeds, cheese cube
Dinner: a lovely cheese pizza just for me and breadsticks

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