Another Day But Not Another Dollar

Today was another day. I didn’t find a dollar, and I can’t find the ten dollars that I took out of the account to purchase coffee with Lyn the other day. I put it back in my pocket or something and now it isn’t there. The part that sucks is I didn’t even need it because Lyn bought my coffee for me. It was actually hot chocolate and it was good, too. I remember it well. I had a great time today with the students who stay after for Write On! Huh? (as they’ve taken to calling it because they didn’t get the Write On! reference). This group of students is amazingly talented, and I am so excited to see how this literary magazine turns out. I have high hopes for it, and I hope it is even more amazing than I imagine. I have a feeling it will be, knowing this group of students.


Exercise: walked the dogs three miles, ran three miles, rode my bike to SBUX then to Burris then home

Breakfast: banana, oatmeal, juice, milk
Lunch: Clif bar, apple, decaf Americano with honey and cream
Dinner: Pasta with mushrooms, parmesan, broccoli, and olive oil; two pieces of bread
Snacks: 1 oz. of cheese, spinach salad with poppyseed dressing and sunflower seeds

I need to get more protein. Any creative suggestions?

One response to “Another Day But Not Another Dollar

  1. I frickin’ LOVE our writing group! Those kids are awesome. I hope the dynamic doesn’t change when (if) we get more people next week.

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