The Salt Eaters

I spent the better part of today rereading a book that I read last spring semester. I had been warned that I would one day open a book that I had read in graduate school, one that had my notes and everything in it, and forget that I had read it. I didn’t expect, however, to forget the contents of a book that I just read last semester. I know I read it. I remember because I remember the bus driver and being just as confused about what was going on with him and driving the bus into the marsh. I simply have no idea how the book ends or what is really going on it. I seem to remember that it all comes together in the end.I am just happy that there is so much about healing and wholeness in the book.


I am thankful for the healing of my foot. It seems to feel much better today.

Exercise: walked the dogs 2 miles

Food: banana, juice, strawberry Belgian waffle with whipped cream, spinach and spring greens salad with poppyseed dressing, sunflower seeds, and cheese, cheese cube and piece of bread, tomato soup, grilled cheese on homemade bread, two long carrots

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