Yesterday’s Grub.

Remember the movie Son In Law? I loved it when Pauly Shore said he was “munching on some grindage,” because I love to eat, and I think his expression pretty much sums up my life: munchin’ on some grindage and chillin’ with the Wease. Want to know a little secret about me? I LOVE Pauly Shore, even as dumb and base as his humor is.


I am thankful for a day to hang out with my mom and brother, though I was sorry Dad couldn’t join us. And, I am thankful that my dad may be able to retire next December.

Exercise: walked the dogs 1.5 miles, walked around at a couple of stores

Food: spinach artichoke dip with bread and pasta chips, Italian nachos (yes, as weird as they sound), french toast steamer, cherry cola soda, homemade spicy basil mushroom pine nut  pasta with whole what pasta and tofu, bread, strawberries with real whipped cream sweetened with maple syrup

One response to “Yesterday’s Grub.

  1. Since you like humor and like to eat, try the recipe in my latest post at it’s a really tasty breakfast dish sandwiched between some laughs.

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